Saturday, January 12, 2013

Enjoying a small break...but for my next trick.

The words come. When the words flow, they flow hard, like a waterfall or, well, something. Ive exhausted my similes. Now that Video Game Crusader is finished, I can bask in the afterglow, for a little while. Until that internal demon beckons me forward, once more, deeper and darker into my little stories.
The next book of Mourn is gnawing at me, continuing the adventures of Jon Tauther, Vee of Charon, and Cain the Suicide. Notice I skipped someone? Something very interesting has happened to our Wounded Warrior, Conner James, since we last saw him.....
But right now, as we speak, Mona the Junker Girl is not far from my mind. Things are developing in the rotted Earth, lately. The boonies are swelling with new intake, since the deaths of the council. The raiders are gathering on the horizon. And what does the instigator of all this, Markus the Droid, know of all this? What isnt he telling us?
2013 looks as if it will be a year of continuity. And thats just fine.

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