Thursday, July 12, 2012

I dont know anyone else that does this

By which, I mean writing.
Or reading, for that matter.
My wife reads, because she goes to college, and she has to. She writes for the same reason. Im working my way through Canada by Tom Ford and In One Person by that guy that wrote the Garp book, because I enjoy reading. I'm writing Amped Up, my new science fiction novel, because I enjoy writing. And I dont know anyone else like that.
The closest thing I have to a kindred spirit in any of this is my friend Ricardo. Ric's a big comic book and manga fan, he's been working on his own book for a while now. Thats someone creative. But for writing, nada.
Do you read or write? Tell me about it.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thanks For Reading!

This is my first blog post for my Kindle account, and think of this as a trial run. I want to use this moment to thank each and every person that bothered to download and read any of my books. You are helping me live of dream, of slowly making it more and more as a writer. Dont take that as a load of corny bullshit, I really mean it. I pay more and more of my bills every month from the money Amazon deposits in my account, and knowing that I got that from doing something I love, man, thats awesome.

I've included a brief bio in a few of my books, and on Amazon. But heres a quick recap, I live in Texas, work in law enforcement, and love Crossfit. And reading and writing, of course.
More to come later. But again, Thank You.