Thursday, November 15, 2012

New 99 cent book- Amped Up!

I figured I'd give a plug for my latest Kindle Novel, Amped Up!

Amped Up is the story of Kara, a woman who underwent brain damage in a car accident. To control her symptoms, a device called an Actuator was implanted in her head.
But theres more to the story than that- in the near future of the book, people get Actuators implanted in them electively, to increase their brainpower. This causes civil rights issues, which boils over when the Supreme Court decides that Amplified citizens do not get the same rights as everyone else.
Soon Kara is on the run, and she comes in contact with the resistance, EAP or Earths Amplified Peoples.

Amped Up is a great read for anyone that loves near-future science fiction, superheroes, Kill Bill, or technothrillers. At under a buck, its a bargain!

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